Meet Chad

Character & Commitment

Midwestern Upbringing

I was born in Devils Lake, ND and moved to Moorhead, MN when I was about 3yrs old. I graduated from Moorhead High School in January, 1986, (I graduated early as I never took study hall and had more than enough credits). On January 28th I headed to basic training in the United States Army where I spent 6 years on active duty.

Military Service

In 1989 I was stationed in Berlin, Germany. I was there when the wall came down. I was deployed to Honduras in 87 and Kuwait during desert Storm and back to Berlin for possible terrorist attacks. After being honorably discharged I stayed in Germany for several more years. I worked for the Army and air Force exchange service, where I was the customer support manager. During that time I was able to travel and see most of Europe and experience European life style.

Back to Minnesota

In 1996 I came back to Moorhead, Minnesota and experienced several different occupations ( machining, welding, assembly, sales and marketing, warehouse manager before settling into store manager for a pharmacy) as a pharmacy manager I was able to see firsthand the good and bad of pharma. I then had the opportunity to work with livestock (being a passion of mine as well as agriculture it was a great fit) and assisting my father in law with farming. In 2007 I was given the opportunity to be an instructor for the MN army national guard at camp Ripley. Where I spent the next 5 years teaching, leadership and infantry courses at multiple levels as well as handled logistics as a Supply Sgt for the Battalion.

Life Has Turmoil 

In 2008 my life turned upside down as my then wife started down a road of addiction. After several years and rehab centers there was still no end in sight and seeing the emotional turmoil my family was going through, I made the decision to leave my military career for my kids. In 2011 I became a single dad and still am today. Currently I work full-time as a pest control technician.