Chad Enstad for Congress
Chad Enstad for Congress

Chad's Views

Jobs and the Economy

  The current trend of industry deregulation and tax cuts for the American workers is a significant step toward rebuilding the American economy. However, much of that growth is centered on metropolitan development and largely ignores the plight of Greater Minnesotan communities. I will fight for legislation that reinvests in rural Minnesota communities to bring high-wage careers to the areas that have been neglected and sidelined for far too long.


  Many hard-working families across Greater Minnesota are struggling to find access to child care. The overwhelming requirements for licensure, the lack of suitable facilities, and the hardship of making affordable childcare profitable are all partially to blame for this shortage. We must do whatever we can to help our working families.

Protecting Your Rights

The 2nd Amendment is a pillar in the foundation of the American Constitution. I our Republic, the Constitution serves as the governing document to prevent democratic movements from stripping Americans of their rights and leading us down the path to tyranny.

Although I, like everyone else, want to see an end to the senseless violence that plagues our society, attacking the weapon of choice does nothing to address the cause of the problem. 

Public Schools

The Public School system is important to our communities as well as the future of this country. The lack of funding for core subjects and the inability to provide enough qualified teachers is a problem that needs to get addressed, sooner rather than later. 

Current Politics

The politics of today aren't quite what they use to be. With the unsettling discourse between the two main parties, now is a great time to look at the Independent party to try to bring some civility back into politics. Disagreement should be expected, but how we address differences and work together to solve problems should be where we focus.

The Budget

The budget for the United States has been in disarray for quite some time. Special interests, out of control spending and an unfocused plan have made the "budget" more of a dream than a reality. Politicians are going to need to make some hard decisions in the very near future to help to straighten this issue out. With the lack of clear leadership between the primary two parties, now is a great time to support the Independent party to enhance creating clear and concise measures to accomplish our budgetary goals.